Writing an effective elevator speech and Happy Admin Professionals Day to me!
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Writing an effective elevator speech and Happy Admin Professionals Day to me!

Have you nailed your elevator speech yet? An elevator speech is that 30 second bit that you share with people when you want to let them know about you, who you are and what you do.

An elevator speech is how you introduce yourself to potential customers or clients, or other business people with whom networking might prove beneficial.

A great elevator speech is easier to create than you might think. Simply make sure you cover these elements:

  • Who are you? : Start with your name and business. A job title also fits in here nicely.
  • What do you do? : What tasks or services do you perform?
  • What are you committed to? : How do you help your clients?

Because today is Administrative Professionals Day, I celebrate by helping you create your elevator speech. Here is a little template for you to get started:

My names is [your name] and I [own/operate/work] at [business name].

I have [number] years of experience [providing/servicing/offering ___ ].

I am committed to helping [i.e. business owners, entrepreneurs, busy moms … etc.]  [list here 4 to 5 lines on who your ideal customer/client is and ways on how you can help them].

For example: I am committed to helping small business owners save money and time by handling the administration tasks that take up their time.

  •  TAGLINE (Always close with your tagline)

Creating your own elevator speech is simple and easy if you cover this information. Most importantly, be genuine, honest and professional! If you would like me to review yours or need help writing your elevator speech, please contact me at info@amgvirtualassistant.com.

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