Spring clean your business and attain brand consistency
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Spring clean your business and attain brand consistency

Spring is a time for cleaning and renewal, growth and expansion- in life, and why not? in business too.

It is a good time to seek consistency and clarity. Consistency establishes your reputation and shows professionalism. Consistency is a must as you build and grow your business.

While your business name is typically the first thing people notice about your business, it is your brand that represents your actual reputation. A business name identifies a name of a company or specific product. A brand name ideally evokes positive images or emotions in consumers, which is why having a good and consistent brand can be so valuable.

Here are some ideas on how to spring clean your business and achieve your brand consistency:

  • Get creative: generic names may be tougher to brand. Make your area of business transparent to the audience. Remember too that shorter names are often catchier!
  • Consider the effect you want to leave on your target audience and adjust your logo or tagline accordingly. Don’t ever, EVER, distort or stretch your logo.
  • Make sure that all your marketing pieces and business templates (including business cards, business forms, flyers, website and social media) have the same look and feel. Use uniform typography and design throughout.
  • Organize your email. Make sure that your digital signature matches your brand. Links to your website and social media networks are also recommended.
  • Update your website and social media. Profile pictures and cover images should be consistent with your branding. It is ok to use the same logo or photograph repeatedly, this actually plays an important role in making your brand trustworthy and identifiable.

And while spring cleaning your brand … why not clean up your desktop and back up your files too! Spring means a new, fresh start! Make it happen! … I can help 😊