Social Media Management

Currently, the presence of companies and organizations in social media networks and social media management has become a necessity.

At AMG Virtual Assistant Services we provide our clients with the advice and social media management to successfully increase their visibility, sales and traffic.

What do we offer? A customized and suitable social media strategy that will allow you to reach new customers, keep existing ones, stand out from your competitors and provide a personalized online service. AMG will be responsible for creating social profiles and generating quality content on all social media channels that are of interest to your company. The actions that will take place in social networks will aim to increase the popularity of your company on the internet and therefore, obtain an increased number of followers.

Featured Social Media Services:

• Social media marketing & strategy

• Selection of appropriate social networks for your business

• Set-up of social media profiles

• Original content creation and activities to interact with your business followers

• Customer service and reputation monitoring

• Monthly activity report and impact